Tuesday 26 March 2019

Nursery Reveal

I can't believe it's been over a year since Lillian came into this world. She's now 13 months old and seriously the best little babe. We didn't find out the gender with her when I was pregnant so her nursery before was just super neutral and had blue walls. I've always dreamt of having a girl so when she was born, I immediately was SO excited to plan her nursery. It might have taken over a year but we got there. There are some things I still want to add but for right now, I'm still in love with how it turned out. I envisioned a flora/pink/gold/white theme and it definitely came to light. I couldn't decide on just one of those so I made it work with all of those things. 

We were searching and searching for a floral mobile for her nursery. And if you're willing to spend a minimum of $90 to get one made + support a small shop - GO FOR IT. We just couldn't afford it and needed to budget for other things and save where we could. So Preston being the artsy fartsy guy he is, built the whole thing from scratch. I couldn't be more in love with it. I seriously don't know how I got so lucky. 
Fun fact: We recycled our wedding bouquets (Surprise surprise, Preston made those too lol.) And used most of the flowers from them to make the mobile. All we had to buy from Michaels was the wire base and a flower garland to start it off. To hang it we bought some lace from the dollar store and it hung it perfectly. 

We also were wanting wallpaper for her room too and again, super expensive. So I researched on google and found this idea of pink, white + gold. It was definitely time consuming and took us about 2 weeks (in between parenting, work and other things) and voila! I am wanting to do a more in depth post of how we did the wall, so if you are interested - comment on this post and I will do one. Other than it being tedious and time consuming, it was very affordable and it creates such a beautiful accent wall. 

This is also our attempt of making our own Teepee for her. It actually still isn't done yet but we are getting there. We just need to sew the fabric together and attach it to the PVC pipes. To save money on this project, we bought the fabric from Value Village and the pipes from Lowes. Once the project is complete, I will do an update of how it looks. 

Finding gold accents is actually not that hard but finding gold accents that stand out is. I was searching for the most perfect gold mirror for her nursery and they were all either too expensive or just didn't fit the vision I was wanting. BUT then this gold mirror popped up on Facebook on the marketplace and instantly LOVED it. I knew it would fit in perfectly. And it was only $20!! 

I absolutely adore this frame/floral letter. It obviously didn't come this way and it was just a spure in the moment project. I found this wreath from Homesense on sale for $20, the L was on sale for $1.50 at Michaels (originally it was grey and I painted it white) and the pink frame was on sale for FIVE DOLLARS at Michaels as well. They were getting rid of their summer stuff last year and didn't even know what I was going to use it for at the time haha. I just knew I would use it for something eventually. 

This little jewelry box was just recently given to Lillian from her Oma and it is something we will cherish for years to come. We were just at her house not too long ago and she told us that Preston + his brother gave it to her years ago after a vacation. So she wanted Lillian to now. 

 We got these shelves from Jysk in their sale section for $10 for a pack of 2. It was a steal of a deal and I tried to find the link for you guys but couldn't find it! We are a lover of old books and "The Tiger who came to Tea" was a favourite of mine when I was growing up. My bestfriend in England gave this to me as a baby shower gift before Lillian was born and it's read to her at least once a week. 

Here is a better close up of how glittery the wall is. We had to use a base gold colour and then a shimmery gold paint after the base was dry. But look how beautiful it turned out!

I wanted to get as many gold accents as I could in her room without it being overwhelming. We had some leftover gold spray paint from another project and her curtain panel was originally black + just didn't match anything. So Preston spray painted it for me and it turned out great. Of course after pulling the curtains back and forth so many times already, the paint has started to chip off. But it kind of makes it look rustic right? 

I was searching for a blanket basket for a while. They were either too expensive as well, too big or too small. But today at Homesense, I found this white wire basket for just $18! Most of her blankets were given to her by my mum but her personalised blanket is from an amazing small shop - Little Navy.  We love this shop and all the amazing keepsakes she offers!

Her pillow and sock monkey was made by her grandma and it will always be something we keep in her room. Homemade gifts like that are always more meaningful than buying them new. 

And that's a wrap! Thank you for joining me here today and looking at all of these photos of Lillian's nursery. If you have any other questions about some items I didn't talk about, let me know!

Lots of love,

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