Monday, 25 February 2019

One in A Melon

Hi guys!

I seriously cannot believe sweet Lillian is ONE. This past weekend we celebrated her birthday with all our closest family and friends. I wish I took more pictures on my camera of all the details but these photos are the one I have! 
We did mostly everything DIY for the party to save lots of money and we are so glad we did. I truly believe our kids will remember having family and friends there + not all the extravagant things. 
I made the cupcakes from scratch and because Preston is a lot more creative than I am, he piped them for me. We also combined her birthday with little jimmy's baby shower just so I didn't have to plan two parties. And to save some time as well as I am exhausted and Preston works full time, we decided to just do a potluck for this. It worked out amazing, Preston's dad brought a platter of subway sandwiches, there were lots of cheese + cracker platters, fruit + veg, candy and drinks. It seriously was such an amazing day!

Here is the recipe for the cupcakes. You guys, this recipe is probably the best one I've ever come across. It has sour cream in it and you might think I'm crazy, but that is the KEY ingredient. It truly makes the cupcakes so moist and delicious. For the colour I just added some green food colouring while adding the wet ingredients so I wouldn't over mix. And then for the icing, I just added some red food colouring to make the pink. 

My mum also got these cake serving trays for my baby shower that didn't happen last year and they were the perfect fit for Lillian's theme this year. 

Here is the link for the watermelon napkins, for the banner I just punched holes and added string. 
Link for the table cloth + straws

Cake Smash photos done by the amazing Kelsey Livingston Photography! 
Cake from Crazy Cakes
I actually made the cake topper myself with my Cricut!
Outfits from Tiny Soles Boutique 
Preston and I bought a helium tank from Walmart and then drew the seeds on the balloons. It took some time but definitely worth it!

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  1. Lillian is adorable! That smash cake looked amazing and it looks like you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing with us!